Name: Alberto
Last Name: Sinigaglia
Country: Italy
Nominated by: Francesco Zanot


Material Network

The images are an excerpt from the series realized inside the Verizon Building in New York City, one of the world’s most important internet’s hub. Material Network dials with the common idea that we share about internet as as a kind of ether, a magical way to transport information from anywhere. Our mental map of the network is blank. The materiality of the Internet is an unexplored territory. Internet in our minds is something floating in the air without body and weight. The series reveal the massive infrastructure which brings the net in our daily lifes. Bursting in the half-light basement the nerveless flash light makes a chaos come to surface. The close-ups lead us to a immersion inside this chaotic multitude which silently surround us. Material Network is an attempt to demystify the earthly geography of this unknown object.


I would use the prize to produce a work I’m thinking about since a long time. The project is called “Microwave City” and it’s an inquire of the landscape of two cities that are completely artificial as Las Vegas and Singapore. Both those cities has been built on money and commerce both are without a precise identity, language and culture although in our mind thy respond to precise stereotypes. Las Vegas, the Western Sins City is a unique case, build in the middle of a unfriendly desert is spreading on it becomig a real city of million of inhabitants. Singapore is a compressed where space is the most valuable good. I would use the prize to travel there, produce the materials and publish a book out of them.