Name: Anna
Last Name: Positano
Country: Italy
Nominated by: Daniele De Luigi


‘Right Here’ is an ongoing public artwork that explores places through the memories of their residents. At present, the work covers Santa Fé (Cuba), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Clavesana (Italy) and Ajaccio (France). Participants were asked to find routes and identify places of personal significance which I then shot while collecting their memories, during four artist’s residencies. Although ‘Right Here’ consists mainly of photographs, it benefits from the inclusion of maps, texts and videos; these contribute to interpreting the complexity of contemporary man-altered landscapes. For this reason I involved architects, an urban planner, a text editor and local institutions. Such an approach requires mutual trust and acceptance amongst all involved. This work aspires to build a different perception of everyday places by mixing biography and geography. Most significantly it highlights the sense of different perspectives.


‘Right Here-Border Towns’ explores cities that neighbour the European Union. These cities feature a tangent border to the EU that frontier commuters, migrants, traffickers and tourists cross daily; however they vary in size, shape, wealth, culture… Some cities, like Ivangorod, are divided in two by the border. Some others are in EU candidacy countries and could lose their frontier character. I intend to showcase these towns as transient landscapes and reveal how politics affect places and people. As with my previous project, I would photograph residents’ everyday places, but focus on the role the border plays in their lives. I would seek the expertise of urban planners, architects, sociologists, policy-makers and local institutions. I intend to visit 8-12 towns in neighbouring countries, including BeniAnsar and Subotica. The book would feature 20 selected photographs, captions and maps, in the form of an old tourist gui de – small size, hard-cover, uncoated paper.