Name: Jessica
Last Name: Lennan
Country: United Kingdom
Nominated by: David Chandler


‘Two Cities’ is a photo book describing the two cities Exeter and Plymouth, in Devon, UK. The work is a careful and sensitive investigation of the social environment, and more specifically of the relationship between people and places. Therefore it is not a documentation of place, but an exploration. As mentioned in the beginning, ‘Two Cities’ is conceived as a photo book. The conception of the book allows the work to be presented as a combined and juxtaposed narrative. This enables the reader to be participated in the exploration of the two cities, as well as creating an own narrative, and eventually an own city. When exploring and describing the cities with my photography, I am intrigued by the private and public part of a city. Architecture defines the inside and outside of a city, which is what I am interested in.


I plan to finish my ongoing work in progress ‘Auf Sand und Wasser’ (english: On Sand and Water. More can be found here: The work is based on the fact that Berlin (my hometown) used to be a swamp and is built on sand. It sits in a glacial valley made up of layers of sand and gravel. The groundwater level is naturally high and therefore affects building development greatly. Furthermore, sand does not provide a solid base, and therefore has no stability. Within this project I want to explore this physical instability in a metaphorical sense. Like the wandering of sand dunes, Berlin is in a constant flux. The work intends to be a topographic exploration of space, involving natural, artificial and biographical features. The work is shot with a Nikon D800, enabling me to work as much flexible as possible within a busy environment.