Name: Kurt
Last Name: Petautschnig
Country: Chile
Nominated by: Samuel Salgado


MaTec, proposes and depicts the transformation of the relationship between the contemporary man and Mother Earth, understood this as the nature itself. As a consequence of his way of living in megacities, today´s individual has modified his perception and experience of nature. Our experience of being immersed in nature has been replaced by a detached and indirect experience, which is mediated by electronic devices, printings of natural landscapes and the multiple possibilities to “see” and “know” new aspects of Earth offered by the Internet. These transformations reflect a different kind of notion of Nature, which particularly has an impact on our ways of understanding natural landscape. Consequently, easy, fast and more accessible and affordable ways of experimenting nature are today possible thanks to the gadgets created by the modern technique. Our view of the natural becomes more homogeneous and uniform than ever before. MaTec is formed combining the words “Mother” and “Technology”, put together as a reflection of the new connection and closeness between them, as a result of modernity.


The city of Santiago (Chile) has been through deep-seated changes, lead by the aspirations of urban and economic developers. This mode of development has lead to increasingly unequal results throughout the city. Santiago has generated contradictions and social problems. Among them, segregation and economic inequality are ones of the most striking. These unavoidable dimensions of the city will be our material in order to reconstruct, through the photographic image, the socioeconomic landscape of Santiago. The working process is as follow. Basic food will be bought in markets throughout the city of Santiago: a packet of tea, 1 kilogram of bread and a pat of butter. The market and the food will be photographically registered. The cost of the basic goods will be used as photographic data. Therefore, considering the triple dimensions of access, cost and food, I propose to depict the socioeconomic landscape of Santiago. The work will be produced using color black negative 6×6, ISO 200. The negatives will be scanned