Name: Marion
Last Name: Gambin
Country: France
Nominated by: Raphaële Bertho


“Between two places” takes place on French highways. Although it is a non-lieu (non-place), one does not choose the highway as a destination, I took it upon myself to treast it as a separate territory. Multiple aspects interested me and I ultimately realized that they all came intersected at a single point: the notion of in-between. A space between two places, both occupantss physical presence and thoughts, a highway of today looking like a highway of yesterday, etc. Being in-between ended up being a sort of keyword, almost a protocol.
During the realization of this work, the physical reality and clashed with my imagination, and a new reality of this territory appeared. Between two places is a docu-fiction. Everything is real, everything was there. I simply selected the scene, staged the characters and added a little light to highlight my feelings. And I was not sure if I “de-realized” the reality with my new reality, or if, on the contrary, rendered it even more real.


If our contemporary spaces tend to be designed increadingly for flow, waiting times punctuate our daily life. Thus, waiting territories form, and it is on these territories that I would like to focus my gaze. I distinguish three types: those designed for waiting (waiting room), those that have another function but where waiting happens (lift or elevator), and those that are formed by people waiting (queue). What interests me is what emerges from these territories, not only how they change but also how humans manage this expectation, how they then accomodate the space and find their posture.
Using a discrete camera, I will explore and photograph this territory. With these images, I will create an ‘index of waiting territories’ and a ‘dictionary of gestures of waiting.’ I am also planning to reclaim these waiting territories by creating staged scenes. Freed from the constraints of image rights and to being hidden, I will try to render the non-event that is waiting and these non-places that occupy the core of our contemporary architecture. The index and the dictionary would then become valuable tools to construct true images.
For the book, just as in the exhibition, I imagine hierarchized images with different paper grades and printing, from ink jet paper to newsprint, from poster to framed photograph.