Name: Maroš
Last Name: Krivý
Country: Slovakia
Nominated by: Zuzana Lapitkova



Production, distribution and consumption are defined by socio-spatial organisation. Space is social to the extent that it is produced, distributed and consumed. For strategic and statistical reasons economies (national, regional, global) are classified into discrete sectors. This classification highlights the arbitrary character of labour (its content) rather than the way labour functions within contradictory social relations (its form). Such concealment is structurally repeated in landscape as an autonomous artistic genre, in which case the representation of singular landscape character takes over the question of its social production. The presented project is loosely drawing on the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (Slovak Republic, 2009). The photographs speculate on the ways in which living labour, classified and reified into a particular economic sector, perceives and coproduces its working environment. At the same time the Political Economy of Landscape reflects upon the limits to understanding social reality through the photographic representation of landscape.



The project’s purpose is to visually investigate the coastal landscapes of Europe and how they have been shaped by anthropocenic forces. The ambition is to document this highly charged landscape through multi-faceted and contradictory manifestations of social life: migration and tourism, luxury and impoverishment, hope and hopelessness, speculative waterfronts and ordinary places.

Conceptual premise and working method is that sea itself is absent from visual documentation. The camera is turned away from the sea and towards the ‘inside’, towards the social and spatial infrastructures of coastal landscapes. The sea is visible only through its reflection in the land.

The work aims at producing a medium-sized monograph. It uses a large-format camera (4×5). In the monograph photographs will be complemented with archival material (newspaper clips, policy reports, interviews) that refers to documented places. The project will ideally investigate the entire length of European coast (but can be scaled down).