Name: Miguel
Last Name: Fernández de Castro
Country: Mexico
Nominated by: Pablo Ortiz Monasterio


During the past 4 years I have been analyzing the dynamics of displacement and drug trafficking at the Sonoran Desert in Northwest Mexico. Since 1970’s, this desert has been a territory of circulation of illegal commodities due to its proximity to the U.S. Since 2006, when the war against Mexican drug cartels began, it has become an area of extreme violence. The images display two projects. The first one, a photographs of a failed community in the middle of the desert. During 1980’s, speculation about oil resources provoked that the local people started to build rooms at the area. When the geological field work determined that there was no resource in the underground, the rooms remained permanently unfinished. The second one, an images I found on Google Earth about roads ending abruptly in the Sonoran Desert. There’s no single reason why these roads ends in that way. Some roads are blocked by the drug cartels to prevent others form entering to certain areas. Some roads are just abandoned. The complete project is made up of around 200 images.


The project to develop is a series of images about the material remains that almost 10 years of war have left in the Sonoran Desert. I will focus on the ephemeral buildings that drug cartel members construct to guard certain territories: in the Sonoran Desert exists remains of buildings made with ephemeral materials ready to be abandoned if the army arrives. There is no technical specification for the book or exhibition beyond printing images.