Name: Nina Elise
Last Name: Vossen
Country: The Netherlands
Nominated by: Frits Gierstberg


In a rural area in the South of the Netherlands, I lived for a while without clock-time, internet, computer, television, phone or contact with other people. I documented everything I saw and wrote down everything I felt. Afterwards I went back to my hometown Almere, a big, busy city where people rush and are pressured to always progress and keep up with the rat race. Again, I documented everything I saw and wrote down everything I felt. Doing so, I investigated in which of those places I found my inner self more. Was I free to be myself in a modern city, with it’s high buildings, impressive architecture and busy people? Or was there more space for true self-development in an area with no railway system, highways and big cities? How does my modern life influence my identity?


Messenia is almost the most southern region of Europe. It has many ancient sights expressing a long cultural history. There was no tourism more than fifty years ago in Messenia. Locals lived off their agricultural production. This changed after the arrival of infrastructure. It’s fascinating that an isolated region like this is part of Europe and the same political system as my home country, the Netherlands. I will visit and document Messenia, the ancient sights, and talk to as much locals as possible. I want to know what’s important in their personal lives and how they see themselves as a part of Europe. A book with photographs and stories will be made. The pictures will be printed in big format and stories will made into voice recordings for people to listen to at the exhibition.