Name: Sohei
Last Name: Nishino
Country: Japan
Nominated by: Michiko Kasahara


Through the past works, I have come to realize that cities are ultimately structured by the behavior of its inhabitants. By having a constant balance between the working of people and architecture, a city can maintain its key functions. However, looking outside the city, I see small rural villages facing the severe problem of depopulation.
In Japan, there are about 900 municipalities which may not exist beyond 2040, due to the exodos of local inhabitants.
I propose new series of works focusing on endangered rural villages in Japan. The method is carried by assembled geographical images of 4-5 villages including sequence images of detail parts of the village. The images are created by analogue process which I also applied for Diorama Map series. By observing and documenting them, I will highlight what we see in the future after the effects of consumerism and modernization of the city takes hold by the reduced population.


The Diorama Map series is always created from my journey to a city around the world. Each map consists of thousands of images, photographed and collaged by hand, reflecting my own personal memory of traveling.
This ongoing project reconstructs my images of each city I visit as a single photographic map. The Diorama Map series is not a precise map but presents the key elements of the city in a form closer to my own memory and observation. I consider the act of traveling to each location and the experience of being there to be a search for my inner being.
Therefore, every single element reflects my own act of photographic creation itself. This act is supported by my underlining belief that rather than thinking about what I can do with photography, I take photographs in a quest to see what I can become through photography.