Name: Sungseok
Last Name: Ahn
Country: Republic of Korea
Nominated by:
Song Sujong


The historic present project was intended as a study on the essence of photography, an effort to recollect the memories of changing spaces. I had questioned what is it that we discuss when the present and the past named history make a conversation. This is the result of such quest. historic present observes how our reality is transformed into an imaginary fantasy, where the infinitely invisible scenery that used to unfold in history appears in real life. Living in the contemporary Korean society means piling up layers of unorganized time. The way it is changing takes us somewhere unknown in haste.

The memory stemming from the photographic documents on cultural heritages is linked with the world today to produce images which again are modified and penetrated so that the old scenery is newly manifested once again. Rendezvous, natural environment, mundane events, history and local characteristics as well as the unique feelings of the place are combined together to create a new story. Such specific space adds a tale to my life and a number of emotions and events derived from it significantly inspire my work. The series is made up of moving images, photographs and noise of the place. Through photographic data contained in one single image and the documents left behind in the form of texts, I hope to approach the certain psychological void that emerges as we live our lives forgetting. Taking a creative form for a vivid experience of existential life drama was another goal of mine.


The considered as a performance that the writer set up a screen, projected the photo of the past images and then participated himself in the photography to juxtapose 『Chosun Gojuk Dobo (Pictorial book has Historical Places on original form in Chosun was published by the Japanese Government General of Korea in the era under the colonial administration of imperial Japan. )』, or black and white photos of historical places found from many references owned by individual or US armies with the existing cultural properties. Through the three works to show the images of cultural properties existing in the same location with different time lines, I has conduce a gesture work to search photographs to verify the historical traces and connect those photos with the real landscape, and a montage work to set the screen images projected by the beam projector identical with the cultural properties in the real spaces. This continuity of the past and present time can be interpreted as a flow of time or a co-existence.