Name: Takeshi
Last Name: Hyakutou
Country: Japan
Nominated by: Taro Amano


This series was shot in areas along the JR Musashino line where many industrial waste disposal and construction companies tend to be concentrated.

Waste discharged from urban areas and materials for construction lie side by side, creating a mosaic like map decorated with farmland, waste plants, pet cemeteries and new housing.

The ridge line of the mountains of construction soil change daily, illegally dumped garbage makes every visit a bit different, and in the empty plots waste companies pull down and build prefabricated buildings while unpaved roads constantly change direction.

This scene of violent metabolism, in which each part is indifferent to each other part but yet somehow co-exists, is almost schizophrenic.

When one passes such scattered scenery, it seems like a simile of human sloppiness. For me it feels like I am being suffocated by Tokyo’s strict rules and regulations, but I think that this is karma’s preferred answer.


In anticipation of the upcoming 2020 Olympics, Tokyo has finally begun making scrap and buildings of scrap.

I think that due to redevelopment the architecture and scenery in Tokyo will increase almost overnight. Waste ends up with industrial waste companies, and I try to shoot the friction caused by how Tokyo’s rubbish ends up on the outskirts of the landscape.
I believe that this paradoxically means that Tokyo’s current silhouette will be uncovered.

First I select a specific area for a shoot by taking advantage of aerial photographs in Google Maps.
From the nearest station I use a bike to get to the location and take photos while riding.
I don’t use a tripod.
I use a zoom lens which I prefer for maneuverability.

By highlighting Tokyo’s shape without relying on orientalism, I want to make a photo collection like a mirror that combines the problems that each country faces.