Name: Thomas
Last Name: Krüger
Country: Germany
Nominated by: Thomas Weski


ABSTRACT – THOMAS KRÜGER “Now was our time” (2014)

My work “Now was our time” is a visual analysis of the techno underground club culture in Germany, consisting of two dialectic parts, that a facing each other in form and content.

While Berlin`s commercial technoclubs became famous worldwide for their professional designed settings in urban free spaces and previously industrial areas, a vivid scene of non-profit activists is pushing the rumors of upcoming gentrification in Leipzig by creating secretly promoted rave events.

In the traditional method of topographic photography, I tried to find out more about the visual codes of escapism and alternative lifstyle in comparing the construction of wooden fences, that are contradictory secured by barbwire. It reveals the state of dichotomy in the capitals scene between staying an authentic culture and reaching commercial success.

I used a colorful flash photography to find some beauty in the dirty corners in the basement of the scene. It wasn`t just a formal decision, to capture and to show the vitality of this temporary events in a fragmentary and fugitive way.
I concentrated my view on objects and surfaces that express the ecstatic situation and translate the crowded loudness into visual aspects.


Continuing my work on visual aspects of urban music culture, I made some expandable results in capturing the traces in the peripheral landscape that are left by illegal outdoor rave events.
An apparently quiet landscape photography is disturbed by partial abrasion caused by urban alternative youth movement.
I also work on finding strong pictures in the temporary architecture of underground music festivals.
Most of the artistically designed stages and surroundings are created to escape from social conventions, but are disappearing after a short time.
I prefer concentrating on improvised material and technical construction in the absence of people, to get ambigous pictures that encapsulate this escapistic alternative lifestyle.

Getting confidential access to this events, finding convenient situations to shoot, and capturing in a high resolution are the keys to succeed my concept. Your price could help me to gain my personal and technical opportunities to reach the result i am striving for.

Book/ Exhibition
The editing of this vibrant theme should focus on very subtile pictures, that can evolve their power in a larger extent. The presentation in book and exhibition have to tend to a huge scale, giving the details a chance to be discovered.