Objective of the prize:

The Prize is dedicated to Gabriele Basilico (Milan 1944-2013), one of the most outstanding and internationally known figures in the field of architecture and landscape photography. Basilico dedicated his entire prestigious career to the photographic research of the great changes in the contemporary landscape characterising the shift from the industrialized economy in its maximum expansion to the post-industrial phase.

The contemporary landscape with its deep transformations proved to be a source of inspiration for work and, sometimes, civic commitment of generations of artists. It is also a topic that can involve and profoundly affect the professionals of a wide range of disciplines interconnecting in the contemporary culture.

Gabriele Basilico carried on his research over the years while establishing a continue dialogue with a wide range of professionals and artists, including architects, urban planners, sociologists, academics, and photographers. He was also very attentive and open to young people, to whom he was a friend and a great teacher.

The Prize intends to emphasise the fruitful relationship that Basilico was able to build with young people. It also intends to support the growth of visual languages in photography among a new generation of artists. The subject is proposed in its widest sense – from historical to contemporary architecture, from man-made landscape to interior photography, from the birth of new places to the complexities of the territories under transformation – to ensure that all participants can best exploit the potential of their research.

For the previous Editions of the Prize the Jury designated Maria Gruzdeva (The Song of Tkvarcheli – 2016) and Jieaho Su (Beijing: sites, structures, and illusions – 2018). For both projects a book and a touring exhibition have been produced.

Basic criteria of the prize:

The participation to the Prize is upon invitation only. Invited photographers must be no more than 40 years old. The participants, selected every two years by an international panel, are requested to submit to the Jury two projects: a previously accomplished project and a planned project. Materials must be sent to the official website: premiogabrielebasilico.ordinedegliarchitetti.mi.it. The Jury will assign to the winner a monetary prize and the assignment to carry on the research contained in the planned project. The result of the research will be a book and an exhibition.

Rules of competition:

Article 1. Call for competition

The Ordine degli Architetti, P. P. C. della Provincia di Milano, the Studio Gabriele Basilico, and the Fondazione Studio Marangoni launch the Gabriele Basilico International Prize of Architecture and Landscape Photography. The Prize aims at promoting among young people the research of the figurative, social and cultural aspects in contemporary architecture and landscape. The Prize is awarded every two years.

Article 2. Address of the Prize

GABRIELE BASILICO PRIZE in Architecture and Landscape Photography
c/o Ordine degli Architetti, P. P. C. della Provincia di Milano
via Solferino 19
20121 Milan – Italy
Phone: +39 02 62534390
email: basilicoprize@gmail.com
website: premiogabrielebasilico.ordinearchitetti.mi.it

Article 3. Participants

The participation in the Prize is upon invitation only and it is open to photographers no more than 40 years old, therefore born after January 1, 1979.

Article 4. Registration

1. The registration form, properly filled in all its parts and signed by the participant, with the consent to the use of personal data and the image rights release for promotion purposes and support to the Prize.
2. CV or resume (accepted formats: .pdf, .doc, .txt, .rtf).
3. Copy of an ID document (accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .pdf).
4. An accomplished photographic work in .zip format, composed of a maximum of 20 images, in .jpg format, 300 dpi (length of longer side max 20 cm), relevant to the subject of the Prize. Each image must contain the last name of the participant and progressive number (001, 002, 003 etc. Example: LASTNAME_001.jpg). Files will be kept by the Organiser of the Prize, for archival purposes only.
5. If available, installation shots that document how the accomplished photographic work has been exhibited in previous venues.
6. An abstract of the accomplished photographic work; the text should not exceed 1000 characters/150 words.
7. A file with the captions of the photographs (accepted formats: .pdf, .doc, .txt, .rtf).
8. A clear description of the project the artist intends to pursue through the Prize. It must indicate the purpose of the project, the work method, technical aspects involved in relation to the book production. The text should not exceed 1000 characters/150 words.

Article 5. Deadline and delivery

After November 30, 2019, the nominees will receive an email containing the web address to access their dedicated area, with personal ID and password for login.
Materials must be submitted by January 12, 2020 on the website: premiogabrielebasilico.ordinearchitetti.mi.it

Article 6. The Jury

Giovanna Calvenzi, Director Studio Gabriele Basilico, Milan

Vincenzo Castella, photographer, Milan
Francesca Fabiani, Head of Contemporary Photography / ICCD-MiBAC, Rome
Bernard Latarjet, former Director of DATAR – Mission Photographique, Paris
Martino Marangoni, President of the Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence
Sandra Phillips, Curator Emerita of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
Franco Raggi, Architect, Milan
Jiehao Su, Photographer, winner of the Second Edition of the Prize, China
Stefano Tropea, Councillor, Ordine degli Architetti PPC della Provincia di Milano, Milan
Roberta Valtorta, Historian, Milan
Bas Vroege, Director at Paradox, Edam / Amsterdam

The Jury will meet in February 2020 and, upon evaluation of the projects submitted through the invitation by the selection panel, will award the Prize to the author of the accomplished project and of the planned project, on the basis of the most interesting and updated point of view on contemporary architecture and landscape, as well as for the use of contemporary art codes.

Article 7. Prize and project accomplishment

The Prize consists of € 15,000.

The name of the Winner will be announced in February 2020 and will be immediately published on the website of the Prize and communicated to the press. The Winner will be personally and officially notified by mail.

The Winner will be allowed an eight-month period to carry out the project. The project consists of a photographic research that must be delivered by November 1, 2020 through the Prize website: premiogabrielebasilico.ordinearchitetti.mi.it. The images (.jpg, 300 dpi, length of longer side max 20 cm) must be accompanied by title, place, date and a short text for a correct interpretation of the work.

Article 8. Book and Exhibition

The venue for the presentation of the book, the name of its Publisher, and the exhibition venue will be defined in due course.

The costs of the book (text, graphics, print) and the promotional activities for the entire initiative will be covered by the Organiser of the Prize.

Organised by:

Order of Architects of the Province of Milan
Studio Gabriele Basilico, Milan
Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence

Under the patronage of:

Fondazione La Triennale, Milan
Fondazione Mast, Bologna
Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan
Politecnico di Milano

Sponsored by:

Fondazione Mast, Bologna
Flexform, Meda (MB)

Supported by:

Epson Italia, Cinisello Balsamo – Milan